3D printable dichroic nanocomposite gets world wide attention!

Published on
March 6, 2019

Our recent publication on the synthesis and development of a 3D printable dichroic nanocomposite has attracted attention of multiple (scientific) news websites.

In the paper the synthesis of dichroic gold nanoparticles is described, which are subsequently embedded in a 3D printable material. This material was used to print a modern version of the ancient 'Lycurgus' cup, an old roman piece of glassware showing the dichroic effect.

Upon publication of this article in the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, this article was picked up by many specific and general (scientific) news websites, some of them describing it as a 'Harry Potter' goblet.

The publication was highlighted in Chemistry and Nanotechnology related websites: Chemical & Engeneering News, Chemistry World, NanoWerk, and Phys.Org.

In 3D-printing and engineering related websites: 3D Print, Wonderful Engineering, R&D magazine, 3ders, and 3D Printing Industry.

And in mainstream scientific journals and websites: New Scientist, ZME science, New Atlas, and Daily mail UK.

Even in multiple languages: Dutch, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, and even Russian.