4TU Impact Challenge: unique innovation challenge Dutch technical universities

Published on
October 16, 2020

Young top talents in the Netherlands compete in the online final of a unique innovation competition of the four Dutch technical universities. The online final of the 4TU Impact Challenge will take place on Thursday 19 November from 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM. Eight finalists from the four technical universities compete against each other. Team FarmVent and Team ReShore are nominated by Wageningen University & Research. The winner of the challenge will accompany the Dutch trade mission to the World Expo in Dubai. But the public can also vote; the finalist with the most votes wins the audience award.

The finalists were selected during the preliminary rounds at the individual universities (Delft, Eindhoven, Twente, Wageningen), and from amongst the student start-ups at the universities. All full of groundbreaking ideas for new technologies that improve our lives and can put the Netherlands on the map as an innovation country.

Final pitch

The candidates have improved their idea or prototype with the help of coaches from companies that are experts in their field. With the help of chats and training sessions, the eight finalists are ready for their final pitch. Team ReShore designed a living breakwater that combines mussel and kelp cultivation with breakwater technology to protect coastlines and rebuild ecosystems. Team FarmVent developed a vending machine for fresh produce, which helps to reduce food waste and extends the shelf life of the vegetables.

Investing in young entrepreneurs

Harm de Vries - Innovation Industries: “We like to get in touch with young talents, which is why this challenge is interesting for us. By investing in young entrepreneurs, we help them, together with 4TU's incubation programmes, to take the next step in the development of their start-up. In addition to financing promising early-stage deep tech ventures, we try to actively contribute to the success of these ventures. This goes beyond just providing capital; together with the 4TU we give advice about their business plan and we share our networks. ”

The four technical universities are committed to technological innovation. Filled with young talent, they offer their students extensive start-up facilities to help turn their ideas into reality.

The 4TU Impact Challenge showcases these bright minds working on technological innovations that are an indispensable link in the transition process to a resilient, safe and sustainable future.