8 March: Full Day Course on Big Data - C62 Leeuwenborch from 10.00-16.30h

Published on
February 24, 2016

On 8 March the Information Technology Group organized a Full Day Course on Big Data in collaboration with SurfSara.

SurfSara is an organization that provides high performance computing & data infrastructure for science and industry in The Netherlands. SurfSara also provides (free) education services on the topic of Big Data.

The Big Data course teaches the Big Data concepts and provides hands-on experience with the Big Data ecosystem tools.

The details of the program are as follows:

- Big Data: Introduction and Examples- Hadoop: HDFS & Map Reduce > Exercise: Python: lambda functions & Map Reduce- Abstractions: Pig & Hive- Scalability & throughput, formats, column store- HBase- Spark >Exercise: Spark- Spark dataframes

The program includes two exercises with Python. Hereby, Python knowledge is not directly required, general programming skills are sufficient. You need a laptop with internet connection to do the exercises. Exercises can be done in groups of two.

You can only join by registering beforehand by sending an email to

The Big Data course is free of charge.