All Dutch newspapers on your desk every morning

Published on
July 29, 2005

Using LexisNexis Academic Wageningen UR Library provides access to the archives of many Dutch newspapers and some weekly magazines via de Wageningen Desktop Library. Not only can you access the NRC, the Volkskrant, the Telegraaf, Trouw and the Gelderlander, but also the Agrarisch Dagblad, the Financieele Dagblad, Opzij, Vrij Nederland, Quote and De Boerderij.
Of course you are not going to want to read your daily newspaper from your computer screen and will simply continue to subscribe to your favourite newspaper or read Spits or Metro. Even so it is extremely practical to be able to search for current or older articles on particular subjects. For example you would easily be able to keep track of what is being, or has been written about your own organisation. An enormous advantage here is that all these newspapers can be searched simultaneously within the LexisNexis Academic system.

    (newsletter 6-2005)