Animal welfare web: bundling of knowledge

Published on
July 30, 2009

Several MBO and HBO institutions (colleges of intermediate and higher vocational education) and the Animal Sciences Group of Wageningen UR have joined forces to improve the accessibility, development and application of animal welfare knowledge in Green education through the new animal welfare website Dierenwelzijnsweb. The website has a site filter to allow the required information to be selected. Filters are available per animal species, theme and educational level. The Library supplies sources through a "simple xml webservice" from the database ARTIK+ voor Groen Kennisnet, which are selected by the editors of the Animal Welfare website.

The "simple xml webservice" enables you to insert information from the Library in your own website or even to provide a customised search interface on a sub collection. Dierenwelzijnsweb, a Sharepoint site within Wageningen UR, is an example of this.

Wageningen UR Library is working on the flow of knowledge from research to practice. In the Programma Ontsluiten Publieke Kennis (Access to Public Knowledge Programme), sources are generated from the ARTIK+ voor Groen Kennisnet database to various websites aimed at education, entrepreneurs and the public. Besides the Animal Welfare Website, there are other examples: Groenweb, Infoloket Platteland, Spade, Bloembollenweb, Agrodis and VarkensNET.

Read more about Dierenwelzijnsweb in the background article in V-focus.

    (newsletter 2009-04)