Anniversary book presented (photos)

Published on
June 27, 2018

Last Friday, WUR presented the anniversary book Metamorfose: 1993-2018 hoe Wageningen wereldtop werd (Metamorphose: 1993-2018 on how Wageningen became world top). An invited group of guests were present at Impulse for the occasion. The book was written by science journalist Joost van Kasteren and communications advisor and text writer Martijn de Groot. They wrote Metamorfose on the occasion of WUR's centenary anniversary.

The Executive Board of WUR was complete during the book presentation. Louise Fresco interviewed Van Kasteren about his experiences while writing the book. Rens Buchwaldt interviewed Leo Klep, the author of the book supplement. A special role was reserved for Arthur Mol, who  talked with Thijs Noordhoek and Lore Stormink. Noordhoek is the oldest alumnus of WUR (1937 - 1945) and Stormink is a current student. They talked with Mol about the major changes that WUR underwent.

Photos made by Sven Menschel: