Appointment Emely de Vet as professor and chair Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles

Published on
April 30, 2019

Prof. Emely de Vet is appointed as professor and chair of the new Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles group. That was decided by the board of Wageningen University & Research. The new chair was initiated per 1 February 2019.

Emely de Vet, photo: Guy Ackermans
Emely de Vet, photo: Guy Ackermans

Prof. Emely de Vet was personal professor Health Communication and Behaviour Change and chair holder ad interim of Strategic Communication of the Social Sciences of Wageningen University & Research.

Emely de Vet (Oud Gastel, 1978) received her PhD at Maastricht University in 2005 after which she held academic positions in health sciences and in psychology at Erasmus MC, VU and Utrecht University. Since 2013 she is employed at Wageningen University & Research, first as associate professor and since 2016 as personal professor.

She is specialized in explaining and changing (un)healthy behaviour, in particular in the field of diet and eating behaviour. She investigates processes of behaviour change and seeks innovative methods to support lasting behaviour change.

In her new chair, prof. De Vet will focus on connecting research and education on consumption and lifestyles of individuals and groups from an interdisciplinary perspective. Specific attention will be paid to behavioural patterns and practices in vulnerable and at-risk groups (e.g., youth, elderly, low income families, patient populations). Social and psychological determinants of healthy and sustainable consumption and lifestyles will be investigated. These insights will be exploited for the design, evaluation and implementation of interventions to enable healthy and sustainable consumption and lifestyles.