Arthur Mol receives honorary doctorate from Örebro University in Sweden

Published on
February 20, 2017

Last weekend Arthur Mol, Rector Magnificus at Wageningen University & Research, received an honorary doctorate from Örebro University in Sweden. He received this honorary doctorate in acknowledgement of his work as a Professor of Environmental Policy at Wageningen University & Research. Mol's research focuses on the question of how to make production and consumption as sustainable as possible.

I have been following the work of the leading scientists at Örebro for years,’ states Mol. ‘We have contributed to the same publications and organised conferences and workshops together. I consider Örebro to be an important European institute in my field of work. Therefore, I view this honorary doctorate as a notable acknowledgement of my scientific work.
Arthur Mol

Professor Arthur Mol has been Rector Magnificus at Wageningen University & Research since May 2015. Before that he held the chair of Environmental Policy at the same university. Professor Mol is also a guest lecturer at Tsinghua University in Beijing and at the National University of Malaysia. He is the editor of the journal Environmental Politics and the book series New Horizons in Environmental Politics. His main research topics are globalisation, social theory and environmental issues, ecological modernisation, sustainable production and consumption and urban environmental policy. He also examines the question of how and in what form information has a guiding role in the creation and implementation of policy and how administrators and actors can use that information consciously in order to guide policy.