Attending courses at several universities with the press of a button

Published on
November 22, 2021

The Student Mobility Project has the ambition of enabling students to follow courses at multiple institutions, without the usual administrative and organisational obstacles. In this project, the alliance of TU/e, WUR, Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht is working hard to create a platform where these exchanges can take place.

Starting from 22 November, students will be able to attending courses at several universities with the press of a button via the platform Via the platform, students can browse and register for courses at other institutions and have their credits transferred to their own institution. This is the first step towards making it easier for students to compile their own curriculum over the boundaries of the institutions. For lecturers, improves the visibility of the courses for students of the other institutes. Students bring different expertise to the table, and look at courses with a fresh perspective.

Wide range of courses

At the moment, the platform offers more than 60 courses by the alliance partner institutions TU/e, WUR and UU, and this curriculum will continue to expand over the coming years. We are also considering whether it is possible to offer a combination of different courses offered by the institutions pertaining to certain subjects via the platform.

Encouraging students to look further

This project was developed in cooperation with SURF and financed in part by the Acceleration Plan for Education Innovation with IT. Project leader Ulrike Wild: ‘Making this mobility possible for students requires a different national infrastructure and way of offering education. It isn’t easy to develop this, that is why we are so proud that the platform is live. Together with the four institutions of the alliance and SURF, we achieved a wonderful result. Thanks to this platform, education will become even more dynamic and we really encourage students to look beyond the boundaries of courses and institutions.'

Strategic Alliance

The EduXchange platform will first be used by students off the alliance TU/e, WUR, UU and UMC Utrecht. Later it will be used nationwide. These institutes have been working together in a strategic partnership with the motto Challenging Future Generations since 2019. Young researchers, lecturers and students helm the project by collaborating across the borders of the scientific disciplines. In the Alliance, the institutions will combine their expertise in order to contribute to social transitions in the fields of health, food, energy and sustainability.