Award for Xiangyu Song

Published on
August 11, 2014

Xiangyu Song wins EurAgEng 2014 Innovation & Development Award for Body measurement of dairy calf using a 3-D camera in an automatic feeding system.

The European Society of Agricultural Engineers (EurAgEng) Innovation & Development Award (formerly known as the Industry Innovation Award) has become a regular feature of AgEng conferences since AgEng2000. The Award is intended to widen the appeal of the conferences to engineers from industry.

And it is awarded at the AgEng conferences for the best quality paper on Innovation and Development from industry, or a combination of industry and academia. Companies are encouraged to present papers on research and development leading to innovative products likely to be marketed commercially. The papers are judged by a distinguished team from EurAgEng and the winners are presented with the EurAgEng Innovation and Development Award.

Xiangyu Song; Jort Schutte; Arjen Van Der Kamp; Rik Van Der Tol; Emo Van Halsema; Peter Groot Koerkamp