Press release

Bachelor’s programmes in Wageningen: “The miracle of Wageningen”

Published on
November 15, 2017

Even though the number of students at Wageningen University & Research keeps growing, the university has maintained her first place in the Dutch Keuzegids Universiteiten 2018. Where other fast-growing universities are experiencing a fallback in satisfaction, students in Wageningen and external experts rate the education, professors, scientific bildung, counseling and facilities highly: a total score of 76 points. The Keuzegids calls the university “the miracle of Wageningen”.

Even though the number of students at Wageningen University & Research keeps growing, the university appeared in the Keuzegids Universiteiten 2018 with a total score of 76 out of 100 points, which is slightly higher than last year (74,5 points). The Open University and University of Twente follow closely behind with resp. 69 and 67 points. Wageningen University is the only university to receive a totalscore ‘++’.

All the programmes were rated by students and a panel of experts. Fourteen of the nineteen bachelor programmes even received the title: ‘topopleiding’. Over the whole country, 66 programmes received this title.

The Keuzegids is the leading guide for prospective students: The ‘green university’ ranks high due to ‘the high success rates, the most pleased students and the best rating according to the NVAO’. Besides this, the guide states ‘Wageningen receives international acknowledgment for its scientific qualities, as well as the sustainability.’

Plant Sciences the best

The absolute best bachelor programme is Plant Sciences, scoring an astounding 94 points. Programmes such as Biology, Communication Sciences, Food&Health and Forest and Nature Conservation also score very well with 84 points.

A few programmes received a lower score than last year. Economics and policy (from 82 to 70), Landscape architecture en Spacial planning (from 80 to 68, though this is still the best nationally) and International development studies (from 76 to 72). Tourism made a big leap, going from 62 to 74 points.

Student’s judgement

To rank the quality of the bachelor’s programmes, students could give points based on multiple aspects: how challenging the programme is, if the method of teaching is appropriate and the expertise of the professors. They also gave scores concerning the way the examination was thought through, the way the difficulty is divided throughout the year, stimulation to think in a critical manner, how to analyze problems, etc. Facilities such as the lecture rooms, self-study rooms and ICT- facilities have also been taken into account.