Book launch: Flourishing Foodscapes- Designing City-Region Food Systems

Published on
September 27, 2018

Prof. dr ir J.S.C. (Han) Wiskerke and S. Verhoeven presented their publication Flourishing Foodscapes on Thursday 27 September at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. The first copy was handed to Hanneke Kijne, the new head of Landscape Architecture at the Academy of Architecture.

A foodscape refers to the social and spatial organisation of networks and food supply systems. It is the physical places and practices of food production, processing, distribution, sales, preparation, and consumption. Thinking about food-related problems and challenges is becoming increasingly vital today, as they impact our global way of life. In securing foodscapes for the future, the social, economic, and ecological sustainability of food systems must be considered along with the spatial qualities of the landscape and its use. This book links extensive research, case studies, and spatial designs from projects all over the world to enact a more comprehensive approach to food issues.
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