Building your own DNA and eating plant-based meat during the sunny Campus Safari

Published on
October 11, 2018

Sundays are usually quiet on campus, but not on 7 October, when hundreds of children and their parents went in search of the 'Big Five' as part of Science Weekend's Campus Safari.

It all started on Safari Square, where the bouncy castle took centre stage. "Science has nothing on bouncy castles," said one parent with a laugh. Once the kids were all jumped out, they were given a safari map by one of the rangers (complete with safari hat), which guided them to WUR's 'Big Five': Human, Animal, Plant, Earth and Nutrition.

The Big Five weren't hard to spot: in Zodiac cow DNA could be build by using candy, in Helix ingredients were mixed for ‘plant meat’ and Forum was filled with the surrealistic sounds of a plant orchestra. "Is this music on Spotify?" asked one little girl with enthusiasm.

Also popular were the workshops on resisting temptation, on taste and on Mars soil. Thanks to the latter, people left the event at the end of the day with hard-earned prizes that included puzzles and street chalk, as well as boxes of soil.

Take a look at the photo series (© Guy Akkermans)