BunyaVax wint Innovation Award tijdens Animal Health Investment Europe


BunyaVax wins Innovation Award at Animal Health Investment Europe

Published on
February 23, 2018

Animal Health Investment Europe had nominated over 35 start-up animal health companies from around the world, out of which 12 companies were selected as finalists to pitch to investors the most innovative emerging animal health companies covering the companion, aquaculture and production animal space. The Dragon's Den Panel decided that BunyaVax presented the best Innovation Showcase.

About BunyaVax: BunyaVax has developed a novel Plug & Play vaccine technology that can be used to develop inherently safe and efficacious vaccines within a timeframe of weeks. Especially during outbreaks of new and life-threatening viruses, rapid and affordable vaccination is essential. The Plug & Play feature allows the introduction of any desired gene into the RNA particle genome. Vaccination with BunyVax RNA particles was shown to induce durable protection against highly pathogenic viruses in both laboratory animals and target animals.

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