Business Science for sustainability

Published on
June 22, 2021

Within the section Business Science there are five section PhD's. Their research focuses on sustainability. Every PhD student receives supervision from staff members from two different chair groups. This multi-disciplinary approach allows the PhD students to combine insights from different fields. In this research seminar, PhD students Laura Jansen and Matthew Ayamga will present.

Matthew Ayamga works on a project called ‘Digitalization and business model innovation for sustainable agriculture’. It is supervised by professors from the Business Management & Organisation and Information Technology chair groups. Laura Jansen works on a project called ‘Social technical support systems for sustainable food choices in the online choice environment’. Her project is supervised by professors from Marketing Consumer Behaviour and Information Technology. They are the first of five section PhD’s who will research how business science can contribute to sustainability.

The research seminar will take place at Friday the 25th of June, from 12.00 to 13.00. Members of the section Business Science receive an invitation from the organisers. If you would like to particpate as a guest, please contact Laura de Graaf.