CSK food enrichment opent nieuwe vestiging op Wageningen Campus


CSK Food Enrichment opens new branch on Wageningen Campus

Published on
December 6, 2017

A branch of CSK Food Enrichment officially opened its doors on Wageningen Campus yesterday. CSK Food Enrichment is a high-tech ingredients company that helps to improve the taste of cheese and other fermented milk products such as quark and yoghurt. They sell innovative ingredients such as starter cultures, cheese coatings and rennets. All cheese in the Netherlands and 80% of German cheeses use CSK’s ingredients.

The company has a state-of-the-art factory in Leeuwarden that uses the latest fermentation technologies. On Wageningen Campus, CSK has bundled its marketing, sales and R&D activities in the Plus Ultra complex. 

‘CSK has an ambitious growth strategy, with a key role for market-focussed innovation. That is why we have chosen to combine our marketing, sales and R&D in a single inspiring working environment,’ explains Sanne Melles, Managing Director at CSK. ‘Wageningen Campus is at the heart of the international Food Valley where we hope to cooperate with partners and find talented professionals,’ adds Commercial Director André de Haan. ‘We want to harmonise our product development activities more to the needs of our customers, and so provide even better support to the dairy industry.’

Founded in 1905, CSK Food Enrichment and its 180 employees are firmly entrenched in the Dutch dairy tradition. They operate in Europe and North America, and generate a turnover of €60 million.