Changing environment main subject in ESG yearbook 2014


Changing environment main subject in ESG yearbook 2014

Published on
March 4, 2015

The yearbook 2014 of the Environmental Sciences group of Wageningen UR showcases a cross-section of the activities undertaken by Alterra, the Department of Environmental Sciences of Wageningen University and ISRIC. Change is the theme of this year’s edition. Our living environment is changing rapidly. Some of the changes can be seen as threats, but they also provide opportunities. As a research organisation, responding to change is our job.

The book concentrates on our research into the effects of change in our physical, economic, natural and urban environment. And, of course, the solutions we devise. This is the real power of academic research at Wageningen: helping our stakeholders to find solutions to problems, whether local or international, spatial or social, theoretical or practical. In our search for solutions, we join forces with residents’ groups and local government, and with organisations such as the United Nations and the World Bank, striving for solutions that will improve the quality of our living environment around the world.

Interviews with relations and researchers

The yearbook features short articles about a large number of research projects, as well as a series of interviews with external relations and our own researchers. Delta Commissioner Wim Kuijken, Pieter van Vollenhoven, Director of the Achmea Foundation Marjolein Verstappen and, Luc Winants, Mayor of the Limburg town of Brunssum give their view on our focus areas and our research. Pier Vellinga, Coen Ritsema, Lars Hein, Anne van Doorn, Edo Gies, Sven Stremke, Joop Schaminée and Herbert Prins talk about their scientific vision and underlying social motives.

Environmental Sciences Group (ESG)

The second part of the book explains some of the organisational details of ESG, varying from the composition of our workforce to our international positioning. There are two versions: a Dutch edition and an English edition.