Tool tip #3: check Open Access of your papers with Dissemin

Published on
October 2, 2018

In the series of 'Tool tips', Library staff reviews handy research tools. Think of tools that can help you with publishing your research, accessing literature, and handling data.

In this tip, we introduce Dissemin, a free tool to measure the accessibility of your publications and make them freely available in a few clicks.

Want to find out how many 'open' publications you have? Or would you like to make your research more accessible and visible, according to the WUR Open Access policy? Use your right to make your paper freely available online, in addition to the paywalled version offered by publishers. Dissemin detects publications behind paywalls and invites their authors to upload them to an open repository in one click. It also gives an overview of Open Access possibilities based on copyright restrictions by publishers.

Dissemin searches for copies of your papers in a large collection of open repositories and websites, and tells you which ones can and cannot be accessed. Once you found your papers, you can authenticate yourself with your ORCID account. This will allow you to quickly upload publications and preprints to a public repository.

Dissemin uses open multi-subject repositories Zenodo, HAL and OSF. But we encourage you to use the WUR repository Staff Publications to deposit your papers. You can easily do this by emailing your publication to, with the subject 'Green Open Access'.

For WUR specific information on Green Open Access, click here.