Come watch the films WAD and Chungking Express on 26 September


Come watch the films WAD and Chungking Express on 26 September

Published on
September 18, 2018

Do you enjoy films? Then join us in Orion on 26 September for an advanced screening of the film WAD; the film will be introduced by its maker (and WUR alumnus) Ruben Smit. Later that evening you can see the film Chungking Express in Heerenstraat Theater in Wageningen; this film will be introduced by Professor Louise O. Fresco, President of WUR, as part of the Wisdom & Wonder Movie Talks event.

WAD, surviving at the edge of water and land

Filmmaker Ruben Smit, a WUR alumnus, is hosting an advanced screening of his latest film ‘WAD’ on the campus on the occasion of the centennial of ‘his’ university. Smit is known from his earlier productions ‘De Nieuwe Wildernis’ (2013) and ‘Levende Rivier’ (2015). His most recent film explores life and nature in and around the Wadden Sea. At the screening, Smit will talk about the film and answer questions from the audience. The international premier of ‘Wad’ will be held on 1 October in Leeuwarden. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be one of the first to see this special documentary.

Admission is free, but register in advance to be sure of a seat.

More information on the film WAD on website Ruben Smit Productions
Location: Orion, Wageningen campus
Time: 16.00 – 18.00

Chungking express

This first film in the series Wisdom & Wonder Movie Talks was chosen by Professor Louise O. Fresco, President of WUR. Prior to the film, she will explain in both Dutch and English why she enjoys this romantic film made by Wong Kar-Wai in Hong Kong in 1994.
Fresco’s pick is about two policemen who are suffering from a broken heart. In the first part of the film, agent 223, whose girlfriend has left him, buys a tin of pineapple chunks every day for a month. The shelf life of all the tins is
1 May, and he thinks that, by the end of the month, he and his girlfriend will either have been reunited or their relationship too will also have exceeded its shelf life. The second part of the film is about agent 663, a man who talks to his furniture once his relationship with a stewardess has ended. The film is in Chinese, but has English subtitles.
More information on the film on website Heerenstraat Theater
Location: Heerenstraat Theater, Wageningen
Time: 19.30