Continue to stick 100 years WUR posters

Published on
July 2, 2018

The promotion team 100 years WUR did hand out again a special 100 years WUR limited edition BBQ to Giacomo Antonello from Italy at the end of June. His 100 years WUR poster was spotted in Wageningen by the promotion team. There was a second winner this month, but he was on holiday in June. He can pick up his prize after his holiday and organize a BBQ

All inhabitants of Wageningen can win a 100 years WUR limited edition BBQ by hanging a 100 year WUR poster. The promotion runs until November. Every month two winners will be announced.

Would you also like to participate in the competition? Then pick up a poster with the promotion team in Forum or in the special trailer opposite Forum. Hang this poster clearly visible from the street on a window or door and you might be grilling on this festive BBQ this summer as well.