Coordinating the SIG of ICT and Education at ICO

Published on
November 15, 2021

Omid Noroozi (ELS) and his colleagues Pantelis Papadopoulos from Twente University and Mohammadreza Farrokhnia (ELS) will serve as coordinators of the SIG of ICT and Education at the Interuniversity Centre for Educational Sciences (ICO) in the Netherlands from November 2021.

The ICO is an interuniversity graduate school and research network comprised of several theme groups to support national and international students through their PhD trajectory. The ICT and Education theme is responsible for delivering learning materials related to using Information and Communication Technology to enhance learning processes and teaching practices (i.e., Technology Enhanced Learning). In this regard, the role of the coordinators is to design and develop courses, workshops, and masterclasses to help PhD candidates who are willing to conduct research in the educational technology field. In addition, coordinators are responsible for inviting top researchers to lecture on hot topics and informing the PhD candidates about the state of the art of research and the recent debates in the field.

You can refer to this webpage for more information about different ICO theme groups. Also, you can contact Omid Noroozi and Mohammadreza Farrokhnia if you want to suggest a topic, course, and/or workshop related to ICT and Education.