Crop Systems Biology: Where are we and where to go?

Published on
December 9, 2015

Recently the book ‘Crop Systems Biology: Narrowing the Gaps between Crop Modelling and Genetics’ came out at Springer. The book is edited by Xinyou Yin and Paul C. Struik of the Centre for Crop Systems Analysis.

The book outlines approaches in systems biology, genetic mapping and crop modelling, and shows whether and how these approaches could potentially be integrated to form an effective ‘crop systems biology’ approach in support of crop improvement. To fulfil the great expectations from the integrated modelling, crop models should be improved based on understandings at lower organizational levels, in the meanwhile ensuring that model-input parameters can be easily phenotyped. The ‘crop systems biology’ approach is believed ultimately to realize the expected roles of modelling in narrowing genotype-phenotype gaps and predicting the phenotype from genomic data. Such an approach could be an important tool to solve some imminent food-, feed-, and energy-related, ‘real-world’ problems.

If you are interested, you can download or buy the book here.