Dare: Towards a hunderd thousand Open Access publications

Published on
March 21, 2006

Under the name of 'HonDAREdduizend' a large DARE project started on 1 October 2005. DARE is a joint programme of the Dutch Universities, NWO and KNAW. The programme aims at the coordination and stimulation of a network of digital scientific publications, available for everyone.

Wageningen UR takes part in DARE too, via Wageningen Yield (WaY).

The DARE-partners wish to extend the number of full text documents in the scientific digital archives within 1 year with 100,000. Together, they aim to make available in October 2006 150,000 scientific publications, dissertations, pre-prints, datasets and other research material via DAREnet . As a result these documents can then be searched through other (international) search engines as well.

Wageningen UR Library will devote itself for 'a honDAREdthousand' percent by asking all Wageningen scientists to supply as many digital documents as possible. Besides that, documents for which publishers do not object to Open Access publication will be made freely accessible. In the course of 2006 an information and promotion campaign for it will be held. If you wish to complete your publication in WaY with a PDF-version, then send it to the WaY-administration.

Within the total yield of 100,000 new objects dissertations are a shared focus. Each year approx. 2,500 dissertations are published in the Netherlands; approx. 5 percent of the scientific output. These dissertations are made visible within DAREnet under the title 'Promise of Science'. Within this framework Wageningen UR Library aims to have all dissertations from 2005 and 2006 archived digitally in accordance with the promotion regulations.

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(Newsletter 2-2006)