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December 11, 2018

"We want to understand the mechanisms at work in nature and to get inspiration from them for the design of useful applications", says Johan van Leeuwen, professor of Experimental Zoology, in the most recent edition of Wageningen World. The fourth edition of Wageningen World of 2018 was published on 11 December. This digital magazine is enriched with additional click-through options for more information and videos. And the stories are also easy to share.

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In the article A leaf out of nature's book, you can read how Wageningen University & Research researches natural mechanisms for useful applications: 'bio-inspired design'.

Researchers from Wageningen were already able to turn sea water into drinkable water, but now it's possible to generate electricity with it as well. Read about it in the article Making salt water drinkable.

The implementation of circular agriculture and its status in the Netherlands is the subject of the article Circular agriculture has already started.

The article Less sugar, but nice and sweet please is about sugar reduction. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research advised twenty companies about reducing the amount of sugar in their products.

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