Dilemma about Earth’s future wins ‘Wageningen Universiteit Vijfje’

Published on
November 30, 2018

Shall we try to save planet Earth or take our chances and escape to Mars? You could debate this dilemma, but you could also flip a coin for it. The latter is what Ruby Sutherland did, and it won her the actual coin ‘Wageningen Universiteit Vijfje’.

Sutherland submitted her dilemma in the ‘flip a coin’ contest, where students were asked to flip a coin with the machine in the Spot, and submit their own, most original, dilemma. The jury thought Sutherlands dilemma to be “both funny and serious at the same time, and a starter for a proper discussion”. 

The second place went to Olivia Pratama, submitting a “typical student dilemma”: waiting for supervisor to reply to email or remind regularly? Third place winner Bart van Rijn took a more philosophical tour by asking if you should follow your heart or your mind.

The flip a coin machine was released by the Royal Dutch Mint together with the ‘Wageningen Universiteit Vijfje’, the official commemorative coin of Wageningen University & Research, as part of the centennial celebrations. To solve your own dilemma or to order the coin, go to the website of the Royal Dutch Mint.

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