Discussions about food waste and biodiversity in cosy living rooms

Published on
November 7, 2018

On this past Sunday 3 November, many doors were opened throughout Wageningen for the “Meet the Neighbours” event. From cosy attic rooms to old university buildings, a warm welcome was given to the interested people from Wageningen who came to listen to an “in-house” lecture by a WUR scientist.

From cultured meat and biodiversity to tropical livestock farming and women during the war: everything was explained in a simple and engaging way. Examples of this included Professor Karin Schroën, who described the pressure used in high-pressure processing as “like being crushed by Mount Everest,” and Professor Huub Savelkoul, who stated that you can easily subtract 1.5 kg when weighing yourself in the evening, as “that weight is just bacteria.”

A lack of the usual projectors was no issue; the scientists found other creative solutions: flip charts were popular, but wall posters, old packets of soup, and even a papier-mâché sheep’s rumen were used as well.

Even though not all the living rooms were full, all presentations led to interesting discussions: from significant issues such as how to stop food waste to more practical queries about applying knowledge of plant interactions in your personal vegetable garden. There was a lot of conversation during the coffee hour afterwards, many of those who participated agreeing that “we really should do this more often!”

Look back here with a photo impression of the day:

© Guy Akkermans

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