E-depot: how can researchers use it, and what are the rules of use?

Published on
July 19, 2011

Wageningen UR Library takes care of a wide variety of bibliographical databases, including the catalogue, Wageningen Yield and ARTIK+ voor Groen Kennisnet. If there is a digital version of a book, article or report, this will be stored in the Wageningen e-depot. Hyperlinks to publications will also be included. The full text of the publication will be shown and made available in the search result of each of the databases from the e-depot.

Library staff will add the digital publications in the e-depot once they have been supplied by means of entry into METIS or sent to the Mediaverwerking (Media processing) department of the Library.

Not all digital publications are freely accessible for everyone (Open Access). There are three levels of accessibility: open, only accessible within Wageningen UR, and closed. It is also possible to apply a temporary embargo to the full text.

The advantage of inclusion in the Wageningen e-depot is that the digital version of a publication only needs to be stored once and that it can then be used in the various databases. Wageningen UR Library guarantees that the link to the e-depot is a permanent one and can be included as a link in a publication or report.

Besides publications, the e-depot also included small datasets that are directly linked to an article or report (supplementary data).

Not all publications can be included in and made available through the e-depot. Certain publications are subject to copyright restrictions. For example, newspaper articles cannot be included in the e-depot, not even if the article relates to a Wageningen-based researcher. If possible, in such cases a link to the publication will be added to the e-depot; however, Wageningen UR Library cannot guarantee the permanence of this link.

(newsletter 4-2011)