E-textbooks through an e-book platform

Published on
October 30, 2012

The Library has been purchasing e-books for several years. We prefer to order them from the publishers since they don't place any or hardly any restrictions on use. However, most publishers don't offer their textbooks digitally. For this reason, the Library has decided to start buying e-textbooks through an e-book platform. While these platforms offer the advantage of buying e-books from different publishers, they also come with disadvantages such as the number of pages that can be printed and copied. The Library has purchased several e-textbooks through MyiLibrary (an e-book platform for scientific books) and has chosen a multi-user version so that several people can simultaneously “read” a book. Examples of books that have been purchased:

  • Issues in public health
  • The biobased economy: biofuels, materials and chemicals in the post-oil era
  • Essentials of Ecology
  • The European economy since 1945: coordinated capitalism and beyond
  • Zoonoses

We’d like to ask you our users to let us know what you think of purchasing e-books through a platform. Moreover, we’d like to know what you generally expect from e-books. For example, do you only want to be able to read a book on your pc or laptop, or do you want to be able to download a book to a tablet or e-book reader? Do you want to be able to make notes in the text?
If you have any comments or suggestions, or if you’d like to come and chat about the offering and use of e-books, please contact us!

(newsletter 6-2012)