ECS contributes to the National Interdisciplinary Conference

Published on
March 2, 2018

ECS actively contributed to the second National Interdisciplinary Conference (Eindhoven (NL), January 30, 2018).

Valentina Tassone presented a new Transdisciplinary Learning Trajectory as to be implemented in the Wageningen capstone transdisciplinary MSc course ‘Academic Consultancy Training’. NIE 2018 contribution Valentina Tassone.

Carla Oonk provided a workshop on the Boundary Crossing Rubric: a tool as developed at ECS to stimulate and assess learning across practices. NIE 2018 contribution Carla Oonk.

Perry den Brok closed the final plenary by praising all impressive efforts to make inter- and transdisciplinary learning alive despite hurdles like complexity in organisation, time-investment, difficulties in assessment, involvement of stakeholders etcetera. Conference contributors showed staff enthusiasm, huge student involvement and deep learning, and all kinds of creative solutions to tackle organisational barriers. Next developmental steps could include e.g. digital learning facilities and supporting tools for stimulating and assessing learning across practices and perspectives.