ENP leading fieldwork and workshop on crediting and networking low-carbon cities in Thailand

Published on
March 1, 2016
Over the past two weeks, Mattijs Smits (ENP) has led a research team in Thailand to work on the INREF project ‘Linking low-carbon cities to carbon markets: metropolitan solutions for socially inclusive low-carbon development in Southeast Asia?’ The other team members are Edwin van der Werf (ENR), Lorenz Blume (FNP/ENP MSc student) and Miguel Rescalvo (World Bank’s Networked Carbon Markets Initiative).

One of the key activities was to undertake field trips to two Thai municipalities (Phitsanulok and Pak Kret). During these field trips, the team talked to the mayor and other relevant government authorities working on low-carbon city projects, ranging from waste treatment, to energy efficient lighting and tree planting. They used the Mitigation Action Assessment Protocol (MAAP), developed by the World Bank, to get insights into these programmes and projects and their potential for future crediting.

The results of the field visits fed into a workshop held on 23-24 February in Bangkok. The workshop was organised in collaboration with the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation (TGO), which is the key government organisation implementing mitigation policies, such as carbon markets and mechanisms. Other participants were other government organisations, academics, consultants, NGOs, and representatives from various Thai municipalities across the country. The workshop consisted of interesting presentations, but also interactive sessions to generate new ideas and solutions.

The results will be used to expand the ENP network on this topic and generate further research ideas and proposals.

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