ENP welcomes new post-doc Berill Blair

Published on
September 14, 2017

Berill came to Wageningen University to join the SALIENSEAS project (Enhancing the saliency of climate services for marine mobility sectors in European Arctic seas) led by ENP researcher Machiel Lamers. This is a multi-team, multidisciplinary project that aims to develop Arctic climate forecast products tailored to key social, environmental and economic needs.

Originally trained in computer science (BS), Berill developed a lasting passion for environmental policy issues. She earned her Masters and PhD at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, conducting her field work in Arctic Alaska’s Iñupiat communities. Altogether Berill spent a decade researching issues that impact remote and coastal  Arctic communities; the focus of which have been risk management in natural resource governance; and resilience and adaptation to emergent challenges -most prominently from climate change and impacts from industrial activities. 

Berill enjoys engaging with international collaborations. She recently co-authored a chapter about scenarios planning in the Bering / Chukchi / Beaufort region, for an Arctic Council (AMAP) assessment report. She brings the same enthusiasm to SALIENSEAS, and looks forward to learning from, and collaborating with, her colleagues at ENP.