ENP's research on sustainable energy consumption contributes to science for impact

Published on
October 21, 2015

ENP colleagues Joeri Naus, Bas van Vliet en Astrid Hendriksen investigated how privacy and autonomy issues influence consumer participation in a sustainable energy transition.

More and more consumers are getting involved in practices of renewable energy production, smart energy monitoring and (e-)car sharing. ENP colleagues investigated how a group of frontrunners (the readers of Duurzaamnieuws) is currently engaging in these practices, and how they think about future forms of cooperation a) with service providers and b) with other consumers: When do they feel empowered? And where do they run into privacy and autonomy concerns? Their research concluded that privacy and autonomy are crucial when considering emerging modes of production and consumption. Energy policies and initiatives should account for privacy and autonomy issues from the start, without rendering them immutable.

The news item in Duurzaamnieuws can be found here.

The article, published in the Journal of Energy Research & Social Science can be found here.