ESSA / Silico Summer School 26-30 June 2017

Published on
September 22, 2016

ESSA / Silico Summer School ABM agent-based modelling resilience.

In the week from 26-30 June 2017, the INF group joins forces with Silico members, Linnaeus University Sweden, Irstea France, and TuDelft SEPA group to organise the 8th ESSA / Silico Summer Course on ABM for resilience

The summer course will be a hands-on week. Up to 30 articipants attack issues and create agent-based models for them. The theme is: Agent-based modelling for resilience. We'll try to have industry involvement and go for models that aid in the practice of achieving resilience.

Methodologically, issues covered are: sharp research questions, design, development (using NetLogo), documentation (using ODD) model analysis and validation.