Education in the post Covid-19 era: mapping developments

Published on
October 18, 2021

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, all education of WUR was transformed for an online situation. This transition was monitored by ELS (Tim Stevens, Omid Noroozi, Harm Biemans and Perry den Brok) and several trends were reported, concerning student and teacher well-being or stress, the use of online tools and materials, student and teacher satisfaction, and support that was provided.

Recently, findings from WUR were also brought together with those of the other partners in the 4TU alliance in a White paper. Very recently, WUR decided to do a post Covid-19 mapping of education to see what current stress and well-being levels are, to see what online changes were kept in the new opening of campus education and what plans teachers have for future blended education. The research will be conducted by an ELS team (Kazem Banihashem, Omid Noroozi, Harm Biemans and Perry den Brok) and will use student and teacher surveys and interviews with various education stakeholders. First results are expected around the Christmas Holiday period.