Electronic Laboratory Notebook trial extended

Published on
June 4, 2015

At Plant Sciences group there is a pilot project ongoing on the use of electronic laboratory notebooks. We received this note from the project coordinator, Reinoud Bouwer.

The management (Ton van Scheppingen) and Project coordinator (Reinoud Bouwer) Plant Sciences Group decided to extend the trail with Elabjournal and ElabInventory of Bio-ITech BV until October 1th 2015.

The chair Nematology of Plant Sciences Group has decided to join this trial. The growing number of thesis students in this chair group demands a more uniform reporting and data management system. It proves to be quite hard to track and trace materials and data when many different people contribute to research programs for relatively short periods of time. Implementing data management standards with electronic lab journals and inventories may help to reliably and transparently transfer materials, protocols, and data between successors in rapidly changing research teams.