Evaluation of WUR innovation projects

Published on
March 29, 2018

ELS will conduct a large evaluation project of the WUR innovation fund projects, to provide suggestions for future innovation calls, but also to investigate success and fail factors in the WUR context that affect educational innovations.

Over the past years, a large number of innovation projects, both at the course as well as the program level, have been conducted. But relatively little is known about the degree to which the projects were successful, what effects they had on students, materials or teachers, and to what degree they are still visible in todays educational programs. In discussion with the innovation fund and with the dean of education, a two-phase evaluation project will be conducted. The first phase consists of mapping all innovation projects of the past 3 years in terms of their project goals, links to the WUR education policy, their setup, outcomes and other available info. As such, it can be regarded as a large scale, more quantitative investigation. The second phase will consist of a more in-depth, qualitative investigation of a selection of projects from the first phase. Several staff members of ECS will be involved in both phases. The project will be led by Harm Biemans and Perry den Brok. Interestingly, there is also interest for this project from the 4TU Centre for Engineering Education. Discussions are ongoing at the other universities to engage in similar evaluations, and to combine them into an overall overview. Apart from practical implications, the aim is also to produce some scientific journal articles.