Evelyne Groen wins Academy Award at International Life Cycle Academy

Published on
January 16, 2018

Evelyne was unanimously awarded in the category 'Best contribution to LCA quality' for her two excellent papers on the topic of uncertainty.

In the first year the Academy Awards are presented, 312 recent scientific papers in the field of LCA were assessed and grouped into six categories. In the category Best contribution to LCA quality 29 papers were reviewed, and two papers on uncertainty, where Evelyne was first author, were unanimously considered the best.

Particularly impressive we found the same first author of several excellent papers on this topic and even having contributions to other papers with similar level of quality
the Academy Award Committee

Evelyne A Groen, Bokkers E.A.M., Heijungs R., de Boer I.J.M. (2017): Methods for global sensitivity analysis in life cycle assessment. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 22:1125-1137.

Evelyne A Groen, Heijungs R. (2017): Ignoring correlation in uncertainty and sensitivity analysis in life cycle assessment: what is the risk? Environmental Impact Assessment Review 62: 98-109.

Evelyne has her PhD (2016) on An uncertain climate: the value of uncertainty and sensitivity analysis in environmental impact assessment of food. The two award winning papers are chapters in this thesis. Evelyne was supervised during her PhD by prof. dr I.J.M. de Boer, and dr E.A.M. Bokkers and dr R. Heijungs.

The Awards of the International Life Cycle Academy are given to honour contributions of outstanding quality, within the last or current year, within the field of quantitative sustainability assessment. Equal weight is given to scientific content and application/communication.