Exhibition Twan de Vos

Published on
November 21, 2019

Twan de Vos (1961-2019) was a well-known artist from Wageningen. As a tribute to this versatile artist, Forum Library is hosting a small exhibition of his work. His colorful, expressive figurative art is on display in Forum Library till February 2020.

Colorful paintings

De Vos was a talented painter, ceramicist and sculptor. He also created linocuts, carpets and glassware. De Vos was especially known for his original, often cheerful and naive paintings. His work evolved from graphic representations of reality to more in-depth, compositionally beautiful, colorful stories.

Human figures are depicted in recognizable everyday situations. At first glance, the images appear comic and perhaps banal. In all his works, however, he depicts a certain amount of tragedy. He often expresses doubts about identity through gender-ambiguous figures.

Yet his work does not evoke gloom. On the contrary, his use of color and everyday situations evoke a smile -- a smile of recognition, emotion or shame.

Come and have a look at these amazing paintings for yourself. Click here for the opening hours of Forum Library.