Exhibition 'Woven Geometry'

Published on
February 24, 2020

Paulien van Asperen is a WUR researcher at the Business Unit Field Crops in Lelystad. To relax from her busy job, she took up the inspiring craft of weaving. You can admire her work in the exhibition Woven Geometry from 24 February until 5 June 2020 in Forum Library.

Work on display

You can see woven blankets and shawls, tapestry and other woven objects. For her work 'Overgangen in zwart-wit', Paulien won the prize for best individual work at the National Weaving Conference Day in Barneveld on 9 November 2019.

Fascination & inspiration

Paulien van Asperen has long been fascinated by the art of weaving: “weaving gives me the opportunity to transform ideas, visual elements from the world around me and inspiration from art and architecture into actual woven fabric. Weaving, in my opinion, includes designing, converting the designs into technical weaving patterns and choosing the materials, textures and colours to achieve the effect that I want.

What really fascinates me are repetitive abstract elements that create movement and depth or that can even be optically misleading to the eye. Arranging these elements in colour and texture and shifting but repetitive patterns I find very exciting”.


Paulien is also a member of Weavers collective Metamorphos,  a group of 8 enthusiastic weavers. The group meets every six weeks to inspire, discuss and critique each other's work. Everyone in the group has their own style. They work in a range of materials including cotton, wool, linen, polyester, copper wire and horsehair to weave both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. Sometimes they create group art pieces around a theme.

Paulien and Metamorphosos exhibit regularly. Their new group artwork “Planetarium” can be seen from 13 to 16 May in the Pieterskerk in Leiden during Textile Festival 2020.

Come and have a look at these amazing woven works for yourself. Click here for the opening hours of Forum Library.