FQD Colloquia

Published on
March 3, 2017

Once every two weeks Food Quality and Design group has a colloquium moment. During this event a staff member, guest scientist or PhD colleague will present a topic for discussion.

Our colleague Kasper Hettinga gave a lecture on the effect of processing on the heat-induced damage to milk proteins. Heating in dairy industry is done to make safe products, but also leads to an inactivation of proteins that are important to the immune system. Also the Maillard reaction can occur, leading to differences in the reaction of the immune system to milk proteins.

Our PhD colleague Femke Brouwer-Damen told us more about value conflict in food choice – The case of mothers with young children during snacking moments.This presentation was an update about the field work of the last months. 137 mothers participated in a diary research for 2 weeks, followed by a parental style questionnaire and an in-depth interview. Some very preliminary results about experienced value conflicts were shown.