Femma Roschar visited Learning Technologies awards 2018 in London

Published on
November 28, 2018

People of technical and educational background from all over the world gathered at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London, UK, on 21 November to celebrate the very best in learning technologies, and witness 64 gold, silver and bronze awards being given out to worthy winners divided over 22 categories, like ‘learning developer of the year’, ‘best online distance programme’, ‘best use of blended learning’.

The evening was hosted by comedians Deborah Frances White (known in the UK from “Ive got news for you’) and Sindhu Vee (a well-known Indian stand-up comedian in the UK).

Wageningen University & Traintool were nominated as one of nine nominees on best public and non-profit sector, with the innovation pilot on blended education and assessment strategy to gain more efficiency and effect. Unfortunately, we did not win a gold medal: gold, silver or bronze awards were given out to three other worthy nominees of this category. The winner of the golden award was Kashida&Riyali on a financial Literacy program for Entrepreneurs.

It has been an extravagant gala with a lot of tech and education people from all over the world, connecting, exchanging and sharing blissful moments. That in itself is something to never forget. I am thankful for Traintool organisation to invite me to this gala and making this experience possible.

For me personally it was quite an adventure, already very happy with the unexpected nomination, added on with this wonderful gala loaded with expectations of excited world changers. I felt like an outside-insider, peaking into this mesmerizing world of tech to support education on so many areas. Like a new AI learning transfer chatbot, a powerful mobile learning tool to support learners in transferring their learning, creating real behavioural change.

I truly believe in optimizing blended learning by the use of tech support on developing a skill or gaining knowledge, to leave more space for every learner to develop their professional identity with the support of an educated coach and through (peer)feedback. So, to all these new opportunities and challenges for education..... was making me silent. To be able to key into the potential fluid space of interconnecting through technological platforms and creating a personalized developmental body on professional identity. I still do not grasp it fully, for it is far to Tech to comprehend for the possibilities of my old-schooled brain. But I can sense the buzz around this form of Educational support. Looking forward to the full transformation. Fantastic!

I feel blessed,
Femma Roschar