Finding similar journals

Published on
March 2, 2016

Wageningen UR Library has implemented a new functionality for its journal collection. When you look up a journal, this new feature allows you to find journals similar to it. The similar journals are identified from references in Wageningen UR articles based upon the co-occurrence of each journal, with the looked up journal (i.e. a co-citation between these two journals).

When you look up a journal, you can find similar journals. The inclusion of two journals in the references of an article is a measure for similarity between these two journals. With each journal you will see the 5 most similar (i.e. most co-cited) journals. Go to 'more...' to find the 25 most similar journals. 

When you found a journal title, you have to go to 'more info'. The similar journals are presented in a table. The numbers in the table represent the number of co-citations of each journal, with the found journal. By default, co-cited journals are sorted based upon an analysis of the references in all Wageningen UR articles published from 2006 to 2013.

The references used to count the number of co-citations for combinations of journals come from articles that have been published by Wageningen UR staff in journals covered by the Web of Science. Using these references, Wageningen UR Library creates an inventory, based upon journals cited by Wageningen UR staff, to calculate similarities between journals. This inventory is updated annually.

Read more in the FAQ.

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