First Student symposium

Published on
July 4, 2018

On the afternoon of June 28th, 13 BSc and MSc students at the Laboratory of Nematology presented their thesis results during the first Nematology student symposium. Topics ranged from constructing a web-based quantitative trait locus database to enable data-access to immunomodulatory properties of glycosylation on helminth proteins.

The symposium was organized in three sessions with four or five speakers per session, within each session both BSc and MSc students presented their work. BSc students did so in a pitch-like presentation lasting five minutes, whereas MSc students had fifteen minutes to explain their work. After each presentation there was room for some questions and discussion.

Afterward a discussion was held on the format and experiences. Everybody was very positive and although BSc students initially thought that five minutes was rather short, seeing it in action was a very positive experience. Especially the clear structure that was imposed beforehand (title & background, problem statement, approach, results, and discussion) made that these presentations came to the essence of the topic.

The afternoon was closed by handing out the Nematology farewell present and drinks & bites, including a high-tea organized by the leaving thesis students.