First mintage commemorative coin at Wageningen Campus


First mintage commemorative coin at Wageningen Campus

Published on
November 2, 2018

Today Jeroen Dijsselbloem has minted the first Wageningen University commemorative 5 euro coin. He also unveiled and activated the dilemma-solving installation, the Flip a Coin Machine in the Orion building at Wageningen Campus.

On 2 November the Royal Dutch Mint (RDM) has unveiled the giant, digitally-connected coin flip machine to launch the new commemorative five euro coin celebrating the centenary of Wageningen University & Research. The launch ceremony was hosted by the former Ministry of Finance and attended by former Eurogroup president and Wageningen alumnus, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who struck the first commemorative five euro coin and unveiled the Flip a Coin Machine.

The five meter tall #FlipaCoin interactive installation invites users both on campus and around the world to solve their personal heads or tails dilemmas by pushing a physical or online button, where 500kg of force will flip a 50 centimeter diameter replica of the new Wageningen University commemorative coin almost five meters into the air. A connected online platform also features a live-stream, taking in dilemmas from people all around the world who can then watch their coin flip.

Stephan Satijn, Mint Master at RDM: “Wageningen University is a world-class research institution, so a commemorative coin is a fitting nod to their incredible scientific contribution to Dutch agro-culture and food innovations over the past 100 years.”

Prof. Louise Fresco, President of the Executive Board at WUR is delighted that the Royal Dutch Mint has decided to honour the centenary with a commemorative coin. “Moreover, we welcome the Flip a Coin Machine as a fitting tribute to our institution’s innovative character.”

Bert van Ravenswaaij, CFO at Royal Dutch Mint: “When faced with a tricky dilemma, flipping a coin can be one of the first things that comes to mind. Dilemmas are a universal phenomenon and we wanted to build on that idea by designing and crafting an internet-connected coin flipping machine for people from all over the world.” 

People can submit their dilemmas online via the Flip a Coin website or visit the installation at the WUR campus from 2 November 2018 for six weeks. Users can follow the campaign on social media by searching #FlipaCoin.

The Wageningen five euro coin features a stunning design relating to the university’s broad range of research and ideas. It can be purchased on the Royal Dutch Mint’s website along with a range of other commemorative coins. In addition to the 60.000 silver-plated copper WUR five euro coins brought into circulation as a legal tender in the Netherlands, 5.500 silver and 1.000 gold editions have been minted.