Flyboard Experience

Published on
June 23, 2017
Do you want to start the summer with an unforgetable afternoon? Or end the academic year in a special way with your friends, housemates, family or your yearclub? This is your opportunity!

Flyboarding is an extreme watersport, which is easy to learn. In a few minutes you will be able to fly over the water and maybe even feel like a dolphin for some moments!

For only €50 you'll get an 20 minute experience (+10 minutes of preparation). This is a discount of almost 20%!

So, don't hesitate and subscribe. You can book officialy by sending us a private message through Facebook or at

Tag and invite all your friends to this nice event at the famous Rhine beach! (Watching is also fun!)

P.S. Is the date not suitable for you but do you want to experience Flyboarding? Send us a message and we will fix it!