Food research with the new tribometer

Published on
April 30, 2018

The Wageningen Resource magazine wrote this month about the use of the new tribometer for research into the creaminess of a product, which can help to reduce fat by using substitutes while retaining the same ‘mouthfeel’. Product reformulation like this can contribute to healthier product options.

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Tribology is the science of moving surfaces relative to one another. It involves the principles of friction, lubrication and wear, and is used in different fields of science, for instance Soft matter and Food. Information on liquids, semi-solids or solid materials is gathered by quantifying the tribological behaviour between two interacting surfaces.

Shared Research Facilities recently acquired a Bruker UMT Tribolab Mechanical Tester and Tribometer. Contact Elke Scholten or Shared Research Facilities to find out more about the possibilities the tribometer can bring your research.