'For teachers' information portal

Published on
February 27, 2017

The Library has recently expanded its website with the portal ‘For teachers’. The portal gives information on copyright issues in education, checking plagiarism with TurnitIn, Creative Commons licences, and information literacy education.

Information literacy in study programmes

The Library teaches information literacy (IL) in most bachelor and master programmes. In this section, you’ll find information on the Library’s IL courses and e-learning modules, and the matrix of learning outcomes we developed last year.

In this section, you‘ll find information about the university’s copyright agreements with Stichting Pro on using copyrighted material in readers and on BlackBoard. Read about the university’s policy to provide hyperlinks to documents instead of using the full text.

You will also find information on Creative Commons licenses. Publications or other works with these licenses can be used for campus tuition or in MOOCs.

Detecting plagiarism

How can you quickly and efficiently check if students accurately reference the sources they used? The page ‘Detecting plagiarism’ provides information on the TurnitIn Originality check in BlackBoard. 

Support on theses and essays

Teachers often guide students in writing theses and essays. The Library offers tips, lunch workshops and individual advice on searching and referencing information sources. Find an overview of the available student support.

More to come

The portal ‘For teachers’ is not completed yet. Information on Open Educational Resources (OER) and the Library for Learning will become available soon.