From our editorial office

Published on
February 20, 2007

Dear reader,

On behalf of all library staff we wish you a very happy 2007.

This year the Library’s main theme will be renewal, with among other things this completely renewed newsletter. You may have noticed that our Digital Library too, has been adapted totally to the new Wageningen UR house style. Further on in this newsletter you can read that this is not just a cosmetic makeover: after years of preparation the Library’s Content Management System, the heart of our digital applications, has been completely renewed.

And there is more to come. Mid April most library locations in Wageningen will move to the new Forum Building, the finish of a reorganization process that started in 2001. The main goal of this reorganization was optimizing our services and a radical re-arrangement of a large number of sub collections to one neatly-arranged collection at our new location.

During the last few years the library staff were prepared for a new task in the Forum Building and we are therefore looking forward to the move. After we were given a foretaste of what’s in store on the Forum Open Day, we are looking forward to move. Until we will start moving, you may continue to count on us and we will do our utmost to make sure that you will suffer as little inconvenience as possible from the removal activities.

(Newsletter 1-2007)