Global One Health high on European agenda

Published on
April 12, 2018

The ability to share knowledge about people, animals and plants on a global scale features prominently on the European agenda. This was emphasised during the symposium on Global One Health on 5 April.

The only way to prepare mankind for a healthy future, is by doing interdisciplinary work and by sharing our knowledge on the matter of health for people, animals and plants. This is what Francisco Reviriego-Gordejo had to say during the symposium. He is the Head of Sector Disease Control and Identification at the Directorate General Health & Consumers of the European Commission. The sharing of knowledge was an integral part of the symposium, which was held at WUR in Wageningen to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

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WUR is one of many centres of knowledge around the world that have decided to work together in order to find out what the future may hold for mankind and its health. All systems for coexistence between human, animal and plant life have an effect on this and play a considerable part in its development. Global One Health was started in Wageningen to give more attention to the interdisciplinary matter of the health of human, animal and plant life. ‘At WUR, we’re currently running eleven different projects that look at health from an interdisciplinary perspective,’ says Van der Poel. Next year, the first PhD candidates will graduate within the framework of Global One Health.

Wim van der Poel, virology researcher at Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, co-organised this symposium. According to him, it was a great success. ‘Representatives for the EU and companies like Unilever and FrieslandCampina created a connection with one another by being present and performing presentations for one another. This allowed for a debate with organisations that have been partnered with Global One Health. The meeting has strengthened our ties with Nanjing Agricultural University and University of California, Davis, and it has cleared the way for our newest partner, Massey University of New Zealand.'

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