Groenweb (Green Web) for horticulture sectors

Published on
July 2, 2008

Green education, research and business have collectively taken the initiative for Groenweb (Green Web). Groenweb is a website to stimulate knowledge exchange between parties in various horticulture sectors. The information on Groenweb is accessible to everyone for free and various horticulture sectors are dealt with. In August of this year during the Tree Nursery trade show Plantarium, Boomkwekerij (Tree Nursery) was the first part of the Groenweb to be launched. The parts Boomverzorging (Tree Care) and Bollenteelt (Bulb Growing) will follow this year and discussions are going on with more horticulture sectors about joining the Groenweb.

On behalf of the Groen Kennisnet (Green Knowledge Net), the Wageningen UR Library supplies Groenweb with information from ARTIK+: current articles are automatically shown through an RSS feed with information by sector from ARTIK+, the Knowledge Bank has links to recent articles on subjects that the editorial staff have indicated, and files about topical subjects are being created in collaboration with the editorial staff of Groenweb. An example of one such file is the dossier on climate change and plant health (in Dutch).

A search function will be added to the Groenweb, of which information from ARTIK+ for the sector will be an important part.

(newsletter 5-2008)